Impacter Plus:
For Leadership

Leadership is not bound by age, wealth, power, or experience — rather, it is a conscious choice, just like becoming an IMPACTER. To make this choice, you don't need any specific prerequisites. Instead, possessing key qualities such as Curiosity, Perspective-Taking, Purpose, Self-Control, Grit, Growth Mindset, Compassion, and Gratitude empowers you to unlock your full potential and make a profound impact on others.

In this transformative course, we delve deep into the 8 Attributes of the IMPACTER Cycle through a high-engagement curricular experience that  uses  natural language to asses student learning.  By the end, learners emerge with the skills to not only be an IMPACTER, but to further develop strengths and identify future areas for development.

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In 2020, nearly 400 colleges pledged to adopt a soft-skills approach and ditch achievement-based admissions criteria like the SAT.